York Inverter Ducted Reverse Cycle

With any air conditioning system the key result we are looking to achieve is comfort.

We want to be comfortably cool during the heat of summer and comfortably warm in the depths of winter.

The YORK® range of High Static Ducted Air Conditioning units had been designed specifically with comfort in mind. They are also designed to provide this comfort in an easy to operate and highly efficient unit. The wide range of sizes can accommodate most customer needs and their flexible installation makes them an easy fit for a variety of applications. All models meet the highest energy efficiency ratings, so less energy is consumed without sacrificing the comfort. Both the condensing units and indoor units are engineered for quiet operation.

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Benefits of a York Inverter Ducted Reverse Cycle

  • Compact Design. Smaller dimensions for easy installation, transportation and reduced cost.
  • Multi-Speed Fan. Multi-speed fan helps satisfy various airflow requirements.
  • 24-Hour Timer. Allows programmed start times up to 24hours in advance for flexible and more convenient operation.
  • R410-A. Environmentally-friendly refrigerant cools and heats more efficiently without destroying the ozone layer.
  • Auto Restart. Unit is automatically returned to previous operating conditions after a power outage for simplified operation.
  • Electrical Defrosting. Automatic de-icing of outdoor unit below certain temperatures helps ensure proper operation,
    saves energy and improves efficiency. (Heat pump only)
  • Self Diagnosis. Clearly displayed failure codes allow for quicker troubleshooting and easier maintenance.
  • 3-Minute Protection. A 3-minute delay before the compressor will restart helps avoid compressor damage and
    work time.
  • Inner Groove Copper Tubes. Inner groove copper tubing allows more refrigerant to pass through improving heat
    exchange by 30 to 50% when compared to traditional copper tubing and lowering power consumption while keeping output capacity at the same level.

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