York Dual Cycle

At Bonaire we have worked very closely together with York, one of the biggest manufacturers of refrigerated systems in the world, to develop the optimum in heating and cooling systems.

The York systems have been perfectly matched to the Bonaire range of MB4, MB5  and MB6 heaters so that your heating and cooling system runs off the one controller and through the one common set of ductwork.

When you are looking for the optimum in home heating and cooling you cannot go past a Dual Cycle system.

Dual Cycle combines the instant heat of a ducted gas heating system with the cool comfort of a refrigerated airconditioning system. And all this runs through one duct system and off one single control.

At Bonaire we have researched product from around the world to find the perfect refrigerated partner for our innovative range of gas ducted heaters.

With York we found a partner of international standing who has been engineering and manufacturing reverse cycle systems in large quantities for many years. The York units are ideally suited to combine with the Bonaire ducted heaters to provide system for your home

Nothing is better than the best of both worlds in heating and cooling with a Bonaire and York.

Benefits Of A Bonaire York Dual Cycle System

  • Leading Ducted Gas Heater manufacturer
  • Internationally renowned refrigerated cooling manufacturer
  • Uncompromised constant heating performance regardless of how cold it is outside
  • The entire system, operation, programming and zoning is controlled by one single Navigator control
  • Choice of hard wired or RF remote Navigator Control
  • Fully combined heating and cooling comfort through one ducting system
  • Integrated zone control for four zones as standard or an optional 8 zones**
  • Zoned refrigerated cooling

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**Requires zone dampers and motors which are supplied by the installer at additional cost