Pyrox Gas Wall Furnaces

Pyrox Wall Furnace Features

Pyrox Wall Furnace Features

  • Choice of two product sizes to heat small or large rooms
  • Choice of inbuilt or console models
  • Choice of standard or power flued models
  • Stylish slimline cabinet
  • Electronic ignition to eliminate the need for wasteful pilot lights
  • Simple to operate electronic controls
  • Three pre-set temperature settings
  • Rear Register option to split heating into two rooms
  • Cool touch exterior cabinet
  • Direct replacement for most gas wall furnace models
  • Two year parts and labour warranty.**
  • 10 years parts only warranty on heat exchanger and burner.**
  • Power flued 9kW unit has an energy efficiency rating of 4.3 stars
**Domestic warranty only. Unit warranty for commercial applications is 1 year on all parts and labour.

Which Pyrox gas wall furnace should I choose?

All gas space heaters are supplied with an Energy Star rating label. These labels provide details of the amount of gas each unit will consume over a normal winter.  It’s an indicative guide that outlines the running cost of a heater in terms of annual energy usage. The more efficient the heater the higher the star rating. The higher the star rating the more money you can potentially save on running costs. It makes economic sense to choose a Pyrox power flued gas wall furnace. It is also better for the environment with more efficient gas space heaters emitting less greenhouse gas emissions.

Approximate costs per year, based on average existing (pre-2005) 2-Star house in a Melbourne climate, 5 hours of operation (2.5 hours on high and 2.5 hours on low) for 100 days according to AS/NZS 5263.1.3:2016. Based on heating a medium sized 30 to 40m2 room at a gas tariff of 2.64c/MJ.  Room size will affect gas usage. The energy tariffs do not include any pay-on-time discount, or any fixed supply charge. Actual costs for your house will depend on where you live, how you use the heating system (thermostat settings, operation modes, running time etc.), the area heated, house insulation and energy tariffs. Estimated payback period based on estimated retail purchase price difference of Pyrox units as at March 2019 versus estimated annual gas usage cost difference between the same sized Pyrox power flued and Pyrox deluxe wall furnace unit.

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