Durango Evaporative Window Air Conditioner

It is quiet, environmentally friendly and best of all, very economical to run.

The Bonaire Durango evaporative window air conditioner is designed to easily cool today’s open plan homes with areas up to 115 square metres* (dependant on location, unit position, and room heat gain and 2.4 metre ceilings). It can be easily installed into most windows and with its neutral colour, the Bonaire Durango blends in no matter what the environment.

For the full details of the Bonaire Durango you can Download a Brochure


  • Easy to install
  • 250mm deep low profile cabinet does not obstruct exterior area
  • Powerful three speed fan motor
  • Direct drive fan for higher efficiency
  • Transition duct supports the unit without any need for additional structural support
  • UV stabilised polymer cabinet will never rust
  • Uses standard electrical and plumbing connections
  • The cool and ventilation mode allows the choice of water flow cooling or just fan operation

Download a Brochure